ISO9001 Quality Management System

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    Quality Management Statement

    Kilmore Group specialises in the delivery of Architectural Cladding services including, design, BIM modelling, estimating take-off, engineering, inspection, façade fabrication and installation. Kilmore’s promise to their clients is to maintain or exceed the highest integrity, quality, safety, environmental and professional standards.

    Exclusively Kilmore Group Pty Ltd is committed to:

    • Providing customers with high-quality installations and services which meet requirements and are fit for their purpose.
    • Operating the company to the standards required by ISO 9001: 2015.
    • Establishing processes that help the company to keep improving and always get high-quality results in all its services and products.
    • Improving the skills of management and employees through review and actively pursuing an on-going training policy, the objective of which is to prepare personnel to perform their work more effectively.
    • Promoting the culture of continuous quality improvements and the philosophy of understanding the needs of our clients and to deliver our products based on that we understand from the outset.
    • Rigorously controlling the chain supply from suppliers to the execution of all services and products offered.
    • Promoting the Quality Management System and ensuring implementation is achieved by internal auditing, management review, corrective and preventive action.

    Employees at all levels of Kilmore Group are responsible for the quality within the company and for maintaining high standards.