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Recladding Contractors Perth & Western Australia

As a registered building contractor, Kilmore offers a range of remedial services. We have successfully delivered remediation programs to occupied buildings throughout the CBD and are well rehearsed in what matters to both the client and the building occupants.

We understand that structures have a lifespan. Our project management team can coordinate all necessary inspections, analyses and implementation programs. Kilmore also prioritizes the minimization of disruption to business during projects, ensuring you and your clients are free to conduct day-to-day activities as usual.

Kilmore Group has delivered more than a dozen recladding projects in the Perth CBD alone. We offer our clients a comprehensive replacement and remediation service as a specialist façade contractor and registered Building Contractor.

What is Recladding?

As Specialist Façade Contractor and a Building Contractor our team offer a turnkey solution directly to building owners. We have successfully delivered remedial projects on occupied buildings throughout the CBD and are well rehearsed in what matters to both the building owner and the occupants.

We understand that recladding due to fire compliance is often an unexpected expense and our clients can be assured that our pricing is both comprehensive and lean. Our dedicated project management team will prepare all necessary building permits and plans to minimise disruption to tenants as well as liaise with fire engineers to find the most cost-effective solution for your project.

All aspects of our operations are in-house including design, manufacturing and installation and certified to both ISO9001 and ISO45001.

Pre-contracts Services include:

  • Engineering inspection and reporting on as-built condition. Where required our engineering team will inspect and report on the condition of an existing façade by removing inspection panels and providing a written report on the finding.
  • High-Level Costing. We can help explore options that satisfy budgets and highlight the merits of each option in terms of longevity and constructability.
  • Comprehensive Proposal. Once we have a direction, we will provide a fixed price proposal for the works inclusive of access, engineering, building certification and local government permits.

We will also provide our clients with a guaranteed program of Works and Disruption Minimisation Plan. If you would like more information or would like to discuss your project, please get in touch.

Recladding Projects

Kilmore Group Brochure

Kilmore Group Brochure

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