Quality and why we think it’s important to us.

Quality and why we think it’s important to us.

That title seems a little apparent but let me explain. When Kilmore was founded, we had a very simple set of principles, not unlike most businesses. Most of these principles were, and remain, based on client satisfaction, however the one aspect that is most important to us over all others is providing quality services. After all, you’re only as good as your last rodeo.

One of the key objectives we set ourselves was to become ISO9001 certified. It was important to bring our entire company on the quest for continual improvement with us, and as anyone who has worked for an ISO certified company before will know, it requires everyone’s efforts to work. The best way to make that happen was to put our money where our mouth was and invest in the certification process. Over the last 6 months our Quality Manager has been working with all layers of the organisation to explain, document and audit all our procedures. From buying bolts and washers to delivering some of Perth Architectural gems, we’ve covered it… literally.

The quality management system is one of the most powerful tools which helps companies to operate with efficiency and effectivity. These days companies need to find a differentiating factor that benefits their approaches not only in regard to customer satisfaction but also improving overall performance.

Has Kilmore Fixing PTY implemented a QMS?

The Kilmore Fixing team have been working hard to meet the ISO9001 standard and control each process that interacts in its performance. A big part of this process has been the recognition and delivery on Customer requirements and satisfaction. Kilmore’s people firmly believe that the Quality Management System is an investment that will have a positive return in the form of benefits and improvements to establish a stable relationship and confidence with its Clients.  We guarantee all our customers that we will provide them with the highest quality services in the industry.

ISO 9001:2015 Certification

The International Organisation for Standardization is an international body that develops a variety method of work to facilitate the coordination of the industry around the world. It has published over 22,571 International Standards covering almost all aspects of technology and manufacturing. Furthermore, it has members from 164 countries, and 786 technical committees and subcommittees in charge of look after, updating and developing current and new standards.

The latest standard 2015 is very much focused on customer satisfaction, which made it the perfect tool to achieve Kilmore’s objectives in this area. The Standard also adds value to our internal procedures as integrates, organises and improves ours processes, which ultimately increases the companies bottom line to make it more competitive.

The Kilmore Team strongly believe that working as a crew can help the company to offer reliability to its customers and employees. As a result of this dedicated and hard labour, Kilmore Fixing PTD LTD had been awarded with ISO 9001:2015 by Compass Assurance Services.