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Metalwork Fabrication Specialists Perth WA

We are a locally owned business that has vast experience with metalwork designing, manufacturing and repairing metal products of the highest quality for the mining and commercial industries.

Architectural Metalwork Design & Fabrication WA

The Kilmore architectural fabrications team have a passion for bespoke projects. Whether it is an exciting awning feature or an urban street scaping, the team is proud to work alongside some of Australia’s top architects to bring client visions to life.

Under the Kilmore architectural metalwork service, we also design, manufacture and install a variety of static and motorised ventilation and shade louvre solutions. Using the latest 3d modelling technology, we are able to assess and engineer bespoke shading and ventilation for a range of commercial sectors.

Our clients can be confident that they have engaged a competent contractor to deliver their project. Kilmore Group specialises in welding and fabrication of Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Mild Steel and Wrought Iron. Kilmore Group provides full metal architectural service from design to delivery of high-quality metalwork projects.

Metal Work Projects

Kilmore Group Brochure

Kilmore Group Brochure

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