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Architectural Metalwork Fabrication Specialists Perth

Our Architectural Fabrications team have a passion for bespoke projects.  Whether it is an exciting awning feature or urban streetscaping, they are proud to work with some of Australia’s top architects and artists to bring their designs to life.

Metal Fabrication Design Process

By combining our experience in building, metal fabrication, complex façade design and CNC Robotics we have a unique encompassing concept of project execution and delivery and have the ability to spot fabrication issues in
advance so they can be addressed in the design.

We are a locally-owned business that has vast experience with metalwork designing, manufacturing and repairing metal products of the highest quality for the mining, commercial and residential industries. Construction is the process of constructing a building or infrastructure.

Architectural Fabrication Metalwork Projects

Our metal work projects are all designed, manufactured, and installed by our in-house teams of façade specialists. Kilmore’s principles are largely client-orientated and we view providing excellence in quality as fundamental to building strong lasting client relationships. That is why all our operations are certificated to both ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018. Our clients can be confident that they have engaged a competent contractor to deliver their project

Metalwork Architectural Fabrication Projects

Kilmore Group Brochure

Kilmore Group Brochure

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