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Cladding Remedial Works and Replacement

Kilmore offer our clients a comprehensive replacement and remediation service under one roof.  Through our network of consultants and subcontractors we can manage the construction process from planning application and permits to compliance certification.

Our delivery team has undertaken extensive research in fire compliance and fire prevention in order to provide the most practical solution for our client’s requirements and help them to navigate the legislation. Kilmore understands that cladding replacements can be an unexpected expense and will always endeavour to keep costs to a minimum and act with integrity when developing a workable solution.

Aluminium Cladding Panels Design & Installation Perth

Kilmore Fixing is a Perth based business, dedicated to the provision of specialist services to the Building Envelope sector.

From concept to creation, our expertise and services extends from early stage design and commercial support, incorporating logistics and installation strategies through to detailed engineered contractors’ proposals for the most complex of facade solutions in Australia.

Aluminium Cladding Solutions We Offer to Perth Customers

  • Monoclad Solid Aluminium Cladding
  • Ultrasure solid Aluminium Cladding
  • Ultracore Non-Combustible Cladding
  • Fielder Finesse metal Cladding
  • Kingspan Benchmark Cladding
  • Swiss Pearl
  • Equitone
  • Perforated Aluminium Cladding
  • Fixed Aluminium Louvres and Sunscreens
  • Powder coated aluminium cladding panels
  • Termal insulation of aluminium cladding
aluminium cladding panels

Why Is It Necessary to Remove Some Existing Cladding Products?

In response to the tragic Grenfell Tower fire in London, the WA government ordered a state-wide cladding audit that would include all high-risk, high-rise buildings with Aluminium Composite Cladding attached. The Task force in charge of the audit has identified several buildings that have been either renovated or built after 2000 that may be at risk.

With the release of NCC2019 on the 1st of May 2019 changes to the BCA mean that traditional ACP with any core that contains a combustible Organic Polymer, no longer meet the Performance Requirements to be used on class A and B building under the Deemed to Satisfy routes AS1530.1 and AS1530.3. However, they can be used in a Performance Solution where they have been tested and meet the criteria as set out in AS5113, provided they are installed in the exact manner as they were tested.

Insurance Council of Australia & ACP Cladding

Although this provides some degree of clarification for new builds it doesn’t provide much comfort for building owners that have properties constructed under previous versions of the BCA. Other than the obvious safety obligation, one of the largest driving forces for Recladding projects has been the increase in insurance premiums for building that have a ACP cladding with a percentage above 8% organic polymer core.

The Insurance Council of Australia has published their own interpretation of the risk associated with ACP Cladding in different scenarios.  They suggest that in some cases where a quantity of 8-29% organic polymer ACP is used with a close to Non-combustible insulation and sarking compliant to AS1530.2 the risk should be considered low and where an ACP core does not contain an Organic Polymer is used the risk can be considered Low, regardless of quantity, ignition and type of insulation.

Make sense? For non-basis informed opinion regarding any of the materials we use please get in touch.

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What We Do

Detailed Estimated

Our estimating team use the latest take-off and estimating software to provide accurate BOQ used by our contracts team as well as partnering Western Australia companies in package tendering.


Kilmore Fixing produce detailed shop drawings and fabrication packs prior to fabrication.

Where reasonably practical we endeavour to fabricate most of our panels in our workshop to reduce the risk associated with storing and fabricating on site, however our skilled installation teams have the ability to fabricate on site in order to expediate the programme.

Engineering Inspection

Kilmore Fixing offers engineering inspection and reporting services to clients with existing façade systems. Our reports can include fire safety evaluation, remedial estimates and alteration designs.

Design Services

Kilmore Fixing’s Design Team provide BIM models using the latest 3D modelling technology, Tekla Structures. Our highly skilled team liaise with the project Design Team, Architect, Engineer and Building Contractor to create a working 3D model. Once designs have been approved we provide Fabrication Packs to our fabrication and installation teams.

Health & Safety

Kilmore Fixing are proud members of the Industrial Foundation for Accident Prevention. The Safety and well-being of our staff and stakeholders is at the forefront of our endeavours.


Our skilled teams of carpenters are trained and accredited in the correct installation methods as directed by product manufacturers. As the front line of our business, our professional installers have the responsibility of representing the ethos of the entire company and have the full support they require to do so.