ACM Cladding Replacement for Perth & Western Australia

Kilmore Group offers clients a comprehensive replacement and remediation service under one roof.  Through our network of consultants and subcontractors, we can manage the construction process from planning application and permits to compliance certification.

ACM Cladding Replacement & Remedial Perth

Our delivery team has undertaken extensive research in fire compliance and fire prevention in order to provide the most practical solution for our client’s requirements and help them to navigate the legislation. Kilmore understands that cladding replacements can be an unexpected expense and will always endeavour to keep costs to a minimum and act with integrity when developing a workable solution.

Pre-contracts Cladding Services include:

Engineering inspection and reporting on as-built condition. 

Where required our engineering team will inspect and report on the condition of an existing façade by removing inspection panels and providing a written report on the finding.

High-Level Costing & Recladding Budget

We can help explore options that satisfy budgets and highlight the merits of each option in terms of longevity and constructability.

Comprehensive Proposal & Cost of Recladding

Once we have a direction, we will provide a fixed price proposal for the works inclusive of access, engineering, building certification and local government permits. We will also provide our clients with a guaranteed Program of Works and Disruption Minimisation Plan.

Nagle College Geraldton - Cladding replacement Re-clad, façade, exterior

Commercial Recladding Systems

Kilmore Group are the industry leaders in recladding works. Our team offer a turnkey solution directly to building owners. Having delivered on more commercial recladding projects than our competitors, our clients can be assured that our pricing is both comprehensive and lean. Our dedicated project management team will prepare all necessary building permits and plans to minimise disruption to tenants as well as liaise with fire engineers to find the most cost-effective solution for your project.

Combustible Cladding Audit

In response to the tragic Grenfell Tower fire in London, the WA government ordered a state-wide cladding audit that would include all high-risk, high-rise buildings with Aluminium Composite Cladding attached. The Taskforce in charge of the audit has identified several buildings that have been either renovated or built after 2000 that may be at risk.

Combustible Cladding Inspection & Testing Perth

With the release of NCC2019 on the 1st of May 2019 changes to the BCA mean that traditional ACP with any core that contains a combustible Organic Polymer, no longer meet the Performance Requirements to be used on class A and B building under the Deemed to Satisfy routes AS1530.1 and AS1530.3. However, they can be used in a Performance Solution where they have been tested and meet the criteria as set out in AS5113, provided they are installed in the exact manner as they were tested.

For those practitioners working in the Australian Capital Territory, on 1 June 2019, NCC 2019 will be adopted in your jurisdiction, however with some exclusions. The Condensation Management requirements in Volumes One and Two, and the changes to Table E1.5 in Volume One, which require sprinkler protection for buildings with a rise in storeys of 4 or more and an effective height of not more than 25 metres have a delayed adoption until 1 September 2019 in the Australian Capital Territory. You can read more about this in our latest update.

The adoption of NCC 2019 represents a major milestone as the first of the three year editions of the NCC and therefore containing a significant number of changes. These changes include:

  • sprinkler protection for buildings with a rise in storeys of 4 or more and an effective height of not more than 25 metres;
  • energy efficiency for commercial buildings;
  • accessible adult change facilities;
  • condensation management;
  • heated water temperature control;
  • cross-connection control;
  • rainwater harvesting and use; and
  • Acceptable Construction Practices for domestic residential construction.

Insurance Council of Australia & ACP Cladding

Although this provides some degree of clarification for new builds it doesn’t provide much comfort for building owners that have properties constructed under previous versions of the BCA. Other than the obvious safety obligation, one of the largest driving forces for Recladding projects has been the increase in insurance premiums for building that have a ACP cladding with a percentage above 8% organic polymer core.

Aluminium Cladding Compliance Perth

All aspects of our operations are in house including design, manufacturing and installation and certified to both ISO9001 and ISO45001.  The Insurance Council of Australia has published their own interpretation of the risk associated with ACP Cladding in different scenarios.  They suggest that in some cases where a quantity of 8-29% organic polymer ACP is used with a close to Non-combustible insulation and sarking compliant to AS1530.2 the risk should be considered low and where an ACP core does not contain an Organic Polymer is used the risk can be considered Low, regardless of quantity, ignition and type of insulation.