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Façade Replacements

Kilmore Group is an industry leader in façade systems and recladding, working with the latest technologies and most experienced engineers. The company has delivered complex projects through Australia ranging from rural to CBD areas. Many of these projects required detailed traffic, security and stakeholder management plans to ensure a safe environment for all invested parties.

The benefits of recladding include:

  • improving the safety and comfort of the building’s occupants by achieving current standards and compliance
  • prolonging the building’s lifespan
  • improving the overall appearance of the building, increasing curb appeal, and boosting property value
  • enhancing energy efficiency by reducing heat loss and improving insulation
  • preventing water infiltration and damage, reducing the risk of mold and mildew growth
  • providing an opportunity for the building to be retrofitted with the latest technology and building materials.

Cladding Installation

Kilmore Group can provide façade installation works to new construction developments throughout Australia.

Key benefits of façade systems are:

  • ensures safety of employees and tenants
  • improves the functionality of the building by providing natural light and ventilation
  • increases sustainability and energy-efficiency which can help to reduce the environmental impact and energy costs.
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