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30.06.2023 | Projects

57 Shenton Avenue Façade Remediation

Façade Removal and Replacement

Engaged by Mesh Property, the recladding project at Shenton House presented several technical challenges. Particularly, the use of solid aluminium as the façade material, thermal expansion and contraction – and liaising with the general public.

The use of solid aluminium as the façade material presented complexities due to its thermal properties. Aluminium has a high coefficient of thermal expansion and contraction. This means it expands and contracts significantly with changes in temperature.

This challenge required a cladding system that could accommodate these movements without compromising its integrity or creating gaps.

The project team worked closely with structural engineers and façade specialists to design a robust system that allowed for:

  • thermal expansion
  • contraction
  • the maintaining of a weather-tight envelope.

Prioritisation of the joint detailing and the selection of appropriate fixings also accommodated the anticipated movements of the façade system.

Delivery Considerations

The delivery of the project at Shenton House involved several risks associated with potential disruptions. Primarily, to the medical suites when working in close proximity to a CT scanning machine. Additionally, it was crucial that the businesses within the facility remained operational.

Working near a CT scanning machine posed challenges due to its sensitivity to external disturbances. Kilmore Group carefully managed:

  • vibrations
  • noise
  • electromagnetic interference.

This ensured the machine’s functionality and accuracy were not compromised. The project team also implemented measures to minimise disruptions, such as:

  • vibration-dampening techniques
  • creating physical barriers
  • conducting work during scheduled downtime or when the machine was not in use.

Regular communication and coordination with the medical staff and technicians were vital to ensure that the CT scanning machine’s operations were uninterrupted throughout the recladding process.

By strategically addressing the challenges Kilmore Group faced, the project team ensured a successful recladding process at Shenton House. The ability to maintain access to existing businesses not only minimised disruption to their operations, but also demonstrated the client’s commitment to supporting their tenants and preserving a positive relationship with the surrounding community.

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