Cladding Replacement Perth Project at 226 ADELAIDE TERRACE

The cladding replacement project Perth benefited from our experience early on in the project as we were able to provide a detailed methodology and execution plan to minimise disruption to the building occupants whilst carrying out works during normal working hours. Kilmore developed the solution for the removal of the non-compliant ACP that had been incorporated into the existing curtain walls.

Cladding Replacement Reforms Perth Western Australia

This Consultation Regulatory Impact Statement (CRIS), prepared by the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety – Building and Energy Division (Building and Energy), is a first step to fulfil the McGowan Government’s commitment to improving processes to enhance the quality and standard of commercial and apartment buildings in Western Australia (WA).

Many of the reforms are expected to have minimal or no long-term cost implications. This proposed cost increase must be weighed against the cost of non-compliant building work to individuals, businesses and the community, including:

  • risk of fire safety to occupants and users;
  • risk of life safety from structural failure;
  • risk of fire spread to adjacent buildings;
  • rectifying defects, and any additional damage for example from water ingress;
  • lost rent, difficulty retaining tenants, and reduced property value;
  • lost revenue due to disruption to commercial tenants;
  • owner-occupiers have to continue making mortgage repayments while also paying rent for emergency accommodation;
  • lengthy and expensive legal proceedings to recover costs; and
  • increased insurance premiums, excesses and exclusion clauses.

Kilmore Group provides cladding replacement services to commercial buildings across WA.